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Aug 20 2020   -  Naomi Nickerson - Director of Quantum Architecture at PsiQuantum

Benasque Workshop presentation on interleaving architectures for photonic fault tolerant quantum computing.

PsiQuantum, a little-known quantum computing startup, recently received $150 million in a Series C funding round that closed earlier this year.

Quantum Computing Startup Raises $215 Million for Faster Device

Apr 06 2020   -  Bloomberg

PsiQuantum’s photon-based model is still years away, but the company says it’ll be more powerful than Google’s or IBM’s.

Jan 21 2020   -  World Economic Forum

'The Innovator' founder and editor Jennifer L. Schenker in conversation with Jeremy O'Brien, CEO at PsiQuantum, and Scott Aaronson, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin.

How Quantum Computing Could Beat Climate Change

Dec 17 2019   -  World Economic Forum Annual Meeting - Jeremy O'Brien, CEO at PsiQuantum

Imagine being able to cheaply and easily “suck” carbon directly out of our atmosphere. Such a capability would be hugely powerful in the fight against climate change and advance us towards the ambitious global climate goals set.
Surely that’s science fiction? Well, maybe not. Quantum computing may be just the tool we need to design such a clean, safe and easy-to-deploy innovation.

Dec 06 2019   -  Pete Shadbolt, Co-Founder at PsiQuantum

IEEE ICRC 2019 meeting: Pete Shadbolt talks about what’s possible in quantum processing and how it can be improved to provide more useful functionality.

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