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The Quantum Gold Rush

Nov 26 2019   -  Scientific American

The science is immature and a multi-purpose quantum computer doesn’t yet exist. But that isn’t stopping investors pouring cash into quantum start-ups.

Quantum Computing: 1 million qubits

Oct 06 2018   -  Jeremy O'Brien, CEO at PsiQuantum

Nothing has changed the world more than our ability to compute. But the big problems that we’d really like computing to solve are so difficult that, even if Moore’s Law did continue, conventional computers could never solve them. The good news is that a solution is at hand: quantum computing - a drastically different approach to computing that is profound both in terms of the fundamental laws of physics it exploits, and the transformations it will bring about in our lives, society and economy.

Why I am optimistic about the silicon-photonic route to quantum computing

Mar 06 2017   -  Terry Rudolph, Co-Founder at PsiQuantum

This APL Photonics paper explains how building a large-scale, silicon-photonic quantum computer has been reduced to the creation of good sources of 3-photon entangled states (and may simplify further).

Towards a Quantum Computer

Feb 24 2016   -  The World Economic Forum's Idea Lab

Jeremy O'Brien, CEO at PsiQuantum, talks about what it takes to create a practical path to delivering a large-scale, error-corrected quantum computer that is ready to take on commercially valuable applications.

The Future of Computing is Quantum

Apr 01 2014   -  Google TechTalk

Jeremy O'Brien visited Google LA to talk about Photonic Quantum Computing.

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