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PSIQ Reources Silicon photonic quantum computing

Silicon photonic quantum computing

Jeremy O'Brien - APS March meeting 2021

PsiQuantum CEO Jeremy O’Brien outlines how, by the middle of this decade, PsiQuantum will have completely stood up all the manufacturing lines and processes necessary to begin assembling a final machine: a fault-tolerant, error-corrected quantum computer with hundreds of logical qubits and billions of gates.

PSIQ Reources Fault tolerant quantum computing with photonics

Fault-tolerant quantum computing with photonics

Mercedes Gimeno-Segovia - QRST 2021

Mercedes Gimeno-Segovia, Sr Director of Quantum Architecture at PsiQuantum, discusses architectures for fault-tolerant quantum computing with photonics in the newly-introduced fusion-based quantum computing paradigm. Fusion-based quantum computing presents a new framework for fault-tolerant quantum computation, focused on the efficient integration of quantum error correction and physical-level hardware operations.

PSIQ Reources MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review: The Race to a Million-Qubit Quantum Computer

Jeremy O’Brien - Future Compute Conference 2021

Jeremy O’Brien, the co-founder and CEO of PsiQuantum discusses quantum computing with Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau, CEO of the MIT Tech Review and Peter Barrett, founder and general partner at Playground Global, at the MIT Tech Review Future Compute Conference.

PSIQ Reources Unique architectures for photonic quantum computing

Unique architectures for photonic quantum computing

Naomi Nickerson - FTQC 2020

Naomi Nickerson, Sr Director of Quantum Architecture at PsiQuantum, discusses quantum error correction and fault tolerance as part of the FTQT2020 workshop.

PSIQ Reources Useful quantum computing

Useful quantum computing

Pete Shadbolt - IEEE ICRC 2019

Pete Shadbolt, the co-founder and chief strategy officer of PsiQuantum, talks superconducting in its current technical state, what’s possible in quantum processing, and how it can be improved to provide more useful functionality. Shadbolt discusses one of the most challenging problems; converting qubits on one chip for photonic transfer to another chip, and then converting back to qubit.

PSIQ Reources CTO forum

Future of computing

Jeremy O'Brien - CTO Forum 2016

Jeremy O’Brien, CEO and co-founder at PsiQuantum, speaks at CTO Forum to discuss the importance of quantum computing and how it will impact businesses, personal lives, and revolutionize the world.

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