Building the first useful quantum computer

It takes 1,000,000+ qubits.
It takes error correction.
It takes fault tolerance.
It takes photons.


Photonics is the only way to deliver

1000000 Qubits

There are many ways to make small numbers of qubits, but only one way to scale beyond 1,000,000 qubits and deliver an error corrected general purpose quantum computer – and that is photonics.

Today, after numerous breakthroughs and advances in quantum architecture and silicon photonics, we uniquely have a clear path to building a useful quantum computer.

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A different kind of quantum computing company

Others focus on intermediate milestones like “quantum supremacy” and Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ), aiming to build small, noisy systems and hoping to find them useful. At PsiQuantum, we chose instead to focus on the end goal: a large-scale, error corrected, general purpose quantum computer. That set us on a different path, with a different underlying technology - photonics - and a different kind of team.

Our Investors

We are proud to have the backing of a diverse group of investors, including strategic partners, venture investors with deep frontier technology experience, and growth investors with a history of backing world changing ideas with conviction and patience.

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A general purpose computer to solve critical universal problems

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Quantum computing promises to solve problems found impossible by conventional computing. Doing so could revolutionize industries and create new ones in drug discovery, personalized medicine, artificial intelligence, materials science and many more. We are building a machine to solve impossible problems.

To talk about the problems you want to solve,
contact us.

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