PsiQuantum is building the first useful quantum computer.

A different kind of quantum computing company

At PsiQuantum our singular focus is on building the world’s first useful general purpose quantum computer. That end goal set us on a different path, with a different underlying technology — silicon photonic qubits produced in a conventional semiconductor fab.

Photonics is the only way to deliver



A useful quantum computer requires at least a million qubits.
Our quantum computer will be built using the same industrial tools that produce your laptop.
Error correction is at the centre of everything we do. It is the only known way to ensure that such a complex device can function reliably.

Thirty years ago photonic quantum computing was believed impossible. Twenty years ago, it was proved possible but dismissed as impractical. Today, after numerous architectural breakthroughs and advances in silicon photonics, PsiQuantum uniquely has a clear path to a useful quantum computer.

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Our Investors

We are proud to have the backing of a diverse group of investors, including strategic partners, venture investors with deep frontier technology experience, and growth investors with a history of backing world-changing ideas with conviction and patience.
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A general-purpose computer to solve real-world problems

Quantum computers will be able to solve problems that are impossible using conventional computing. This will revolutionize existing industries and create new ones.
To talk about potential use cases, contact us.