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Apr 06 2020   -  Jeremy O'Brien, CEO at PsiQuantum

Quantum computing may be the most profoundly world-changing technology uncovered to date - it could bring about revolutionary, urgently needed transformations in climate, energy and healthcare. The only outstanding question is this: How do you build such a machine?

Quantum computing: Believe the hype

Mar 01 2021   -  Investment Monitor

Quantum computing is now entering the commercial sphere, and given its potential impact on everything from climate change to medical research, no business can afford to ignore it.

Feb 03 2021   -  Harvard Business Review

Jeremy O’Brien, CEO of PsiQuantum, joins Azeem Azhar to explore the exponential advantage quantum computing will bring to problems across science and industry, and talk about how he’s using photonics to build the first productive quantum computer.

Fusion-based Quantum Computation (FBQC)

Jan 22 2021   -  Cornell University Paper

An introduction to fusion-based quantum computing (FBQC) - a model of universal quantum computation in which entangling measurements, called fusions, are performed on the qubits of small constant-sized entangled resource states.

A New Kind of Quantum

Nov 01 2020   -  Spie - The International Society for Optics and Photonics

So far, quantum computing has been ruled by ions and electrons, but does its future lie with photons?

Commercialising Quantum Computers

Sep 26 2020   -  Economist

Big, stable quantum computers would be useful devices. By exploiting the counterintuitive properties of quantum mechanics they could perform some calculations (though only some) faster than any conceivable non-quantum machine.

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