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The companies have demonstrated a world-first ability to manufacture core quantum components, such as single-photon sources and single-photon detectors, with precision and in volume, using the standard manufacturing processes of GF’s world-leading semiconductor fab.

PsiQuantum's singular vision is still to build an error-corrected million qubit quantum machine that could use tens of billions of gates on hundreds of logical cubits. If the PsiQuantum-GLOBALFOUNDRIES project is successful, it will create shifts in the market, impact society, as well as change how we think about and deploy large quantum devices.

Chip manufacturing giant, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, has struck up a unique arrangement with PsiQuantum, an ambitious quantum startup to share knowledge that could help turn standard photonics processing technology into a qubit factory.

Palo Alto, California-based PsiQuantum has plans to create a million-qubit quantum computer. Globalfoundries is a major chipmaker that will manufacture the silicon photonic and electronic chips that are part of PsiQuantum's Q1 system.

This blog provides insight into the components and manufacturing process of the Q1 system, the first system milestone in PsiQuantum's roadmap to a full-scale quantum computer.

PsiQuantum CEO Jeremy O’Brien outlines how, by the middle of this decade, PsiQuantum will have completely stood up all the manufacturing lines and processes necessary to begin assembling a final machine: a fault-tolerant, error-corrected quantum computer with hundreds of logical qubits and billions of gates.

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