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PsiQuantum has teamed up with STFC’s Daresbury Laboratory to develop the next generation of high-power cryogenic modules which will be necessary to scale photonic quantum computers to millions of qubits. PsiQuantum will work with Daresbury Laboratory experts specialized in large-scale cryogenic infrastructure to develop advanced cryogenic systems.

PsiQuantum Announces Breakthrough in Architectures for Error-Corrected Quantum Computing

Jan 30 2023   -  Daniel Litinski (Quantum Architect), Nicholas Harrigan (Senior Quantum Scientist)

We recently announced a new approach to vastly increasing the efficiency of running quantum algorithms. We call it the Active Volume Architecture. The key insight is that if you have access to certain hardware capabilities then you can obtain remarkable reductions in the running costs of commercially useful quantum algorithms (for example, reducing running costs by around 50x for factoring algorithms).

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