Quantum computing promises to be the most profoundly world changing technology uncovered to date—it is exponentially more than just ‘faster computing’, making possible what would otherwise forever remain impossible. With applications across climate, energy, healthcare, industry, high tech and government, quantum computing will tackle some of our most urgent practical challenges we face, as well as delivering entirely new industries.

The only outstanding question is how to realize this technology—a question that PsiQuantum has uniquely answered. PsiQuantum understands that if you want a useful quantum computer, you need fault tolerance and error correction, and therefore ~1,000,000 physical qubits. There may be a million ways to make a qubit, but there’s only one way to make a million qubits: silicon photonics.

While all the other approaches start with a quantum process and try to make it scale, PsiQuantum started with an existing scalable manufacturing process and figured out how to make it quantum. That existing process is the culmination of more than a half a century of development and a trillion dollars of investment—the semiconductor industry. Consequently, we are uniquely on a path to deliver world-changing quantum computing in just a few short years.

We were founded by the world’s foremost experts in photonic quantum computing and we’ve assembled a world class team, with top notch investors and advisors. It’s no accident that we are based in Silicon Valley, where the semiconductor and silicon photonic industries were born and built into mature industries with highly scalable, reliable, and cost-effective processes to leverage.

Together, we are building the world’s first useful fault tolerant quantum computer that will solve otherwise impossible problems.

To talk about the problems you want to solve, contact us.

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